Scenarios for post-Brexit era – China Global Television Network 21.12.2018

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Editor’s note: Daniele Lazzeri is the chairman of Italian think tank “Il Nodo di Gordio”. The article reflects the author’s views, and not necessarily those of CGTN.

After the failure of all the attempts to reach an agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, the effects of the upcoming Brexit risk creating a real earthquake in London’s international relations not only with Brussels but also with the United States and Russia.

The proposals which Prime Minister Theresa May worked on in recent months, not least the so-called “Chequers deal”, have come to displease both the most intransigent of the “Tories” wing and the most negotiating Labour Party, forcing May to an internal tug of war that was about to cost her a political career.

Two years after the referendum that confirmed the will of the British citizens to leave the European Union, the game has now become even more difficult. There are less than 100 days until March 29, 2019 – the date on which London’s divorce from Brussels will be made official – and strong tensions in the United Kingdom have already begun.

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Daniele Lazzeri

Lavora da 20 anni nel settore dell'analisi e della consulenza in materia finanziaria. Giornalista pubblicista, è chairman del think tank di studi geopolitici e di economia internazionale Il Nodo di Gordio e Direttore responsabile dell’omonima rivista quadrimestrale, dove si occupa dell'analisi economico-finanziaria globale. Suoi saggi sugli impatti geopolitici delle nuove reti di pipeline (gasdotti e oleodotti) sono apparsi su quotidiani e riviste in Francia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turchia e Kazakhstan. Sue interviste televisive sono state trasmesse da emittenti nazionali in Italia, Russia, Libano e Kazakhstan... leggi tutto il profilo

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