Who we are

The heart of “Nodo di Gordio” is formed by an editorial cooperative of freelance and professional journalists that are assisted in their job by a team of experts and a scientific committee composed by: Franco Cardini, Ermanno Visintainer, Andrea Marcigliano, Alberto Micalizzi supported by experts in marketing and management of the web network.

Nodo di Gordio” is expression of the necessary dialogue between east and west. A cultural bridge whose aim is to favor the meeting of two worlds geographically distant but joint with a spirit that drives its roots in the mists of time.

A web magazine of information and in-depth study on topics like foreign politics, geopolitics, economy and international finance, but also a point of reference for who intends to get to know the history and the traditions of people and distant civilization.

The editorial staff and the collaborators of the magazine put their multidisciplinary and multilingual approach at public’s disposal, allowing to spread, real time, information and comments on the main news acquired from sources in the original language on global scale, as well as to analyze and propose the future sceneries in geopolitical and economic field.

The journal wants to give voice to a multiplicity of institutional realities (embassies, ministries of education and culture, international organizations of research in cultural, economic, political, technological, scientific, military and study centers areas), often neglected by media. Starting from a careful monitoring of the current information the “Nodo di Gordio” intends to deepen the news following the geopolitical analysis. Transmitted for several months on the web network, the target for 2012 is to reach the newsagents and the subscribers from all over the world.

An instrument accessible to many, such as lovers of geopolitical analysis, which could be used as a source of information for teachers in junior high schools, high schools and universities.