The project

The “Nodo di Gordio” is a think tank formed by a group of scholars, university professors, journalists and researchers with international practice, that after having matured long experiences in various areas, decided to create an instrument capable to transmit in a synergetic way knowledge, expertise and information.

The idea to create a web magazine is due to the Centro Studi “Vox Populi” and to Franco Cardini. In the last years Cardini has in fact been busy in the divulgation of a knowledge about eurasiomediterranean culture. In 2000 he published, for the series run by Jacques Le Goff, for LATERZA publishing house, the book: “Europa e Islam storia di un malinteso”. Therefore the professor, a year before the attack to the Twin Towers, foresaw how much pain can arise from the incomprehension between people.

From the title of this book, in fact, you can deduce how ignorance reigns over Europe and the westernized world, and how a major dedication in the divulgation of cultures, customs and traditions of the people from all over the world is extremely necessary.

The meeting between Cardini and the Centro Studi “Vox Populi”, therefore, saw the birth of an association which finds its greatest expressions in the “Nodo di Gordio”. The Centro Studi “Vox Populi”, specialized in the study of the history and culture of the people from Eurasia and the Mediterranean can add to Cardini’s knowledge of the Middle Ages, the feature that distinguishes the scholar’s analysis from the collective imaginary on the East.