Gianpaolo Scarante, Italian Ambassador at Ankara, meets “Il Nodo di Gordio” and “Vox Populi”

18 July 2012 11:09 0 comments

(da sinistra a destra): Hasan
Kanbolat, Gianpaolo Scarante, Ermanno Visintainer

Ankara.It has been held, Tuesday, July 10, in Turkey, in the prestigious seat of Palazzo Venezia, the official meeting between the President of the Research Center “Vox Populi” and Senior Fellow of the think tank ” Il Nodo di Gordio”, Ermanno Visintainer, and the Italian Ambassador in Turkey, Gianpaolo Scarante.

At the presence of the President of the Turkish Center of Strategic Studies for the Middle East ORSAM, Hasan Kanbolat, the meeting with the Ambassador Scarante attained the high appreciation from the Embassy for the activities carried out by the Research Center of Pergine, “Vox Populi”, and for the think tank “Nodo di Gordio”. In particular, Scarante recalled that the Italian Foreign Minister, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, during his recent official visit to the Turkish homologous Ahmet Davutoglu, had shown the publication of the book: La Profondità Strategica Turca nel Pensiero di Ahmet Davutoğlu published by VXP.

The President Visintainer, for his part, has paid homage to the Ambassador Scarante with the first issue of the review of geopolitical studies “Il Nodo di Gordio”, directed by prof. Franco Cardini and the Chairman Daniele Lazzeri. The occasion has been propitious for discussing about future joint projects, which will see players diplomatic and cultural Italo-Turkish sectors, in collaboration with ORSAM.

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